Apr 06, 2016


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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 6, 2016)Red Boot Coalition founder Molly Barker today announced the cities that the Red Boot Ride will visit this summer during its cross-country trip.

The Red Boot Ride will help the nonprofit spread its mission of listening, learning and leading. In each of the 11 cities where the ride stops, the group will lead Red Boot Coalition meetings, which serve as comfort zones where people can practice honest sharing and compassionate listening.

The ride will begin in Charlotte, where the nonprofit was formed, on June 14 and travel around the country, stopping in Columbia, Missouri (June 17), Springfield, Missouri (June 19), Denver (June 23), Hobart, Indiana (June 30), Kalamazoo, Michigan (July 2), Indianapolis (July 5), Lancaster, Pennsylvania (July 8), East Hampton, New York (July 15), and Washington, District of Columbia (July 18).

“To have the cities selected is a big step for the Red Boot Ride,” said Barker, who also founded Girls On the Run International. She retired from that group in 2013. “Now we can begin making our plans for each of those communities we will visit.

“It’s been my experience that to make the changes we need in America we have to listen. That’s what’s missing these days and it’s what the Red Boot Coalition is all about: teaching people to listen without an agenda. We are excited about the communities we are going to visit and sharing our mission with them.”

Ten cities were announced today and an 11th will be added later. That stop will go to the community with the most contributors who give to the Red Boot Coalition’s Generosity by Indiegogo campaign to underwrite the cost of the Red Boot Ride. The goal of the fundraising campaign, which has been underway for almost a month, is $65,000.

The Red Boot Coalition believes listening is the key to understanding. Through community meetings held nationwide, the nonprofit educates about the power of listening which leads to trust and in turn useful solutions.

The Red Boot Coalition has produced a series of videos to help illustrate the power and purpose of compassionate listening. Please click below to view one of these short videos.


To learn more about the Red Boot Coalition’s Generosity campaign, visit or

The Red Boot Coalition is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading the message of compassionate listening. Founded in 2014 by Molly Barker, The Red Boot Coalition has grown from one meeting location in Charlotte to nearly a dozen cities across the nation. The next step is an 11-city cross-country journey in the summer of 2016 to engage new citizens. For more information, visit, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.


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