The Red Boot Ride Builds Momentum Towards $65,000 Goal
Mar 24, 2016


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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (March 24, 2016) – Less than two weeks into The Red Boot Coalition’s Generosity by Indiegogo campaign to fuel its 11-city, cross-country trip dubbed the Red Boot Ride, the nonprofit is gaining momentum towards its $65,000 goal.

The Red Boot Ride will be a vehicle for sharing the nonprofit’s mission of listening, learning and leading. Molly Barker, founder of The Red Boot Coalition and Girls on the Run International, launched the fundraiser March 7.

The Red Boot Coalition believes listening is the key to understanding. Through community meetings held nationwide, the nonprofit educates about the power of listening without opinion. Honest listening builds trust, which in turn leads to useful solutions.

“The Red Boot Ride is so much more than a road trip,” said Barker. “At a time when our country is hungry for change and solutions, the first step is truly listening. That is what is missing in our world.”

Barker added that “There’s no greater way to honor the dignity of another human being than to be fully present and available to listen without an agenda. Instilling this skillset will shift minds and hearts to see beyond one’s own perception and to listen with an open heart.”

As the ride crosses the country, organizers will orchestrate Red Boot Coalition meetings along the way. Meetings are designed to be safe places where people can practice honest sharing and compassionate listening and then take those skills into the world to make a positive difference.

The Red Boot Ride originally projected a fundraising need of $240,000, but after listening to feedback from its supporters, changes were made to the trip concept. Thus, it’s an example of how listening can positively impact how we learn and ultimately lead.

The Generosity by Indiegogo campaign will conclude April 19.

To learn more about the Red Boot Coalition’s Generosity campaign, visit or

The Red Boot Coalition is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading the message of compassionate listening. Founded in 2014 by Molly Barker, The Red Boot Coalition has grown from one meeting location in Charlotte to nearly a dozen locations across the nation. The next step is an 11-city cross-country journey in the summer of 2016 to engage new citizens. For more information, visit, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.


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