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STATESVILLE, N.C. (June 25, 2015) – Two chinchillas, six goats and two miniature horses, all natives of Greensboro, North Carolina, departed Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network to make the 67-mile trek southwest to Rescue Ranch located in Statesville, North Carolina.

Home to its 10 new residents, Rescue Ranch is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that promotes respect for all animals through education; is committed to agricultural, environmental and wildlife conservation; and facilitates rehabilitation, rescue and responsible pet ownership in order to enhance the human-animal bond.

When trying to find forever homes for the countless animals in Red Dog Farm’s foster network, the leaders of Red Dog Farm and Rescue Ranch found a common passion and purpose. Rehabilitating, fostering and encouraging adoption of animals of all sizes in and around Guilford County, Red Dog Farm knew these 10 critters would be invaluable to Rescue Ranch’s humane education programs.

“We are thrilled that the chinchillas, goats and miniature horses have a quality home at Rescue Ranch, and a place where their lives can make a difference for future generations,” said Red Dog Farm Executive Director Lauren Riehle. “Red Dog Farm has found homes for more than 2,000 animals, but this home placement holds a special place in our hearts.”

“Red Dog Farm’s commitment to animal care and education parallels ours which is why this is such a mutually-beneficial relationship,” said Krissie Newman, co-founder and president of Rescue Ranch. “As we collaborate with like-minded agencies and utilize these wonderful animals to teach the community about humane education, we can begin to minimize the number of abandoned and mistreated animals.”

All 10 animals have safely arrived at Rescue Ranch and are ready to entertain members of the media for a tour. For more information on Rescue Ranch, please visit or Red Dog Farm, please visit

About Rescue Ranch:
Rescue Ranch is a nonprofit animal welfare organization founded by Krissie Newman and her husband, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman. The 87-acre facility offers school, Scout and camp programs, birthday parties and private tours, which promote humane education through hands-on learning.


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